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How long does it take to see my purchased cryptocurrencies?

Our transactions are instant. Your purchase should be visible on the blockchain immediately and usually visible in your prefered wallet within a few short minutes.

I still can’t see my purchase?

In this case you may want to refresh the wallet application. Do not delete the application, only refresh or restart!! Usually this will fix the issue so that you can see the cryptocurrency that has been purchased. You may also want to verify the transaction on the block explorer.

BTC: blockchain.info
LTC: live.blockcypher
ETH: etherscan.io

What is the minimum amount of cryptocurrency that I must buy?

The current minimum is a purchase of $10

This is my first time using a Cryptocurrency ATM, how can I go about using your machine?

Follow this guide for best practices on our website

How often do your daily limits reset?

Our daily purchase limits reset at midnight at the hosted ATM local time.

(1) Limits for unregistered users (Customers that only provide Tier 1 information)

Daily: $750
Weekly: $1,500
Monthly: $3,000

(2) Limits for registered users(Customers registered as Tier 2 and 3)

Daily: $2,999
Weekly: $5,000
Monthly: $10,000
Yearly: $89,000

What are the purchasing limits on your machines and their requirements?

Tier 1 $500 or less requirements:

(1)Full name
(2)Phone number

Tier 2 $501-$2,999 requirements:

(1)Full name
(2)Phone number
(4)Date of birth
(5)Government-issued identification, unexpired (U.S. only)

Tier 3 $3,000-$9,000

(1)Full name
(2)Phone number
(4)Date of birth
(5)Government-issued identification, unexpired (U.S. only)
(6)Copy of Social Security Card
(7)Copy of bank statement or utility bill that matches the address on the customers provided ID

Note: For Tier 3 purchases we provide lower fees for transactions. Give us a call and find out about our reduced offered rates based on your transaction amount between $3,000 and above.

What are your fees?

Bitminas strives to provide some of the lowest fees in the industry in order to bring our customers savings and the best experience possible. Fees are bound to change based on location, industry dynamics, and operating expenses. Our current fees are:

Buy fee: 7.5%

Sell fee: 4.5%

Mining flat fee: $1 per transaction to cover mining costs for timely processing of transaction.

Any questions or concerns? Drop us a message or give us a call!