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At Bitminas, we believe in providing the unbanked and cash based customer the parallel opportunity to easily purchase their favorite cryptocurrencies at our convenient hosted locations.

Welcome To Bitminas, LLC

Cryptocurrency ATM Operator and Remittance Services

Bitminas LLC is a cryptocurrency ATM operator and remittance services company offering buy/sell capabilities at our hosted ATM locations.

We aim to provide a venue for unbanked and cash customers to invest, hold, and send cryptocurrencies. In additon, Bitminas proposes to yield a gateway for our customers to send cross-border payments globally via the use of our system of ATM’s.

Instant transactions:

Bitminas provides fast provide fast, dependable, and secure transactions so that you can hold, send, or use your favorite cryptocurrencies instantly.


Bitminas LLC has no rights to your cryptocurrencies, you are the sole owner.

Customer Service:

Our customers are our priority, call us at any time!!

Multiple cryptocurrencies:

Select from our variety of Cryptocurrencies.

Low fees:

Enjoy some of the most competitive fees in the industry.


Bitminas offers swift verification of accounts so that purchasing your favorite cryptocurrencies will be efficient and seamless.

Safe & Secure:

Use any wallet that fits your needs

Any questions or concerns? Drop us a message or give us a call!